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2010-2011 Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom Participants


Academy International Elementary

Tana Tornquist

Andi McGeorge


Air Academy High School

Julie Bayne

Maria Martinez

Diane Shuck


Challenger Middle School

Melissa Carney - CMS


Chinook Trail Elementary

Dawn Klock

Kristen Brunelle

Andrea Bullock


Discovery Canyon Elem

Matt Krich

Amy Magnone


Discovery Canyon Middle

Chrissy Bauer

Brian Petersen


Edith Wolford Elementary

Debbie Cloe

Penny Moulton


Foothills Elementary

Roger Henson

Chris Norquest


Frontier Elementary

Marci Eckles

Jill Chase


High Plains Elementary

Jean Shircliff

Christy Helton

Lisa DiPaola

Laurinne Kinney


Mountain View Elementary

Becki Pedersen

Tiffany Straub


Pioneer Elementary

Ruth Melendez

Samantha Disney

Scott Mears

Shannon Hanson

Debbie Hill

Pam Cassady

Diane Quarles-Naghi


Prairie Hills Elementary

Tammy Barksdale

Melissa Coleman

Rachael Trujillo

Nancy Tyler


The da Vinci Academy

Vickie Morrissey

Julie Hamilton

Daniel Newell

Debra Magee


Learning Services

Annie Hritz


PCHS (Academy 20/20 Things)

John Frederick







2009-2010 Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom Participants 

*Completed Blog


Aspen Valley High School

          Gene Fisher

          Megan Mc Cormick

          Susie Padilla

          Simone Palmer

          Kymn Van Dyken


Discovery Canyon / Lower

          Autumn Cave-Crosby

          Anita Schoenemann


Discovery Canyon / Upper

          Sasha Miller

          Carrie Ryden


 Douglass Valley Elementary

          Koryn Gosnell

          Kate Helle

          Kathryn Kennedy 

          Denise Miller

          Jennifer Perreault 


Explorer Elementary

          Kristin Driver

          Cheryl Gibbons

Jill Lucas

Kay Sanders 


Mountain View Elementary School

          Mary Bauer

          Jacque Edwards

          Leni Schlieper

          Barb Voget 


Rampart High School 

          Scott Blatnick

          Kym Gile

          Carolyn Payne

          Scott Sanders 


Rockrimmon Elementary 

          Laura Longhenry

          Erica Priest

          LaDale Tobler

          Brittney Warner 


Summit Middle School

          Judith Marie 

          Sandy Vuletich


Timberview Middle School 

          Marise De Klerk

          Jolee Frasier 

          Rodney Pierson

          Tony Pimental


Woodmen-Roberts Elementary

          Linda Frost

          Jeanna Gamber-Bivin

          Matt Kiser

          Diane Vozzola 




2008-2009 Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom Participants


Academy Endeavour Elementary (8/14/08)

          Jordan Hoffert - Technology Teacher, BTC (8/14/08)

          Melissa Ferris - 3rd Grade Teacher (8/14/08)

          Sarah Lund - 4th Grade Teacher (8/14/08)

          Lori Blatnick - 5th Grade Teacher (8/14/08) 


Academy International Elementary (7/31/08)

           Cathy Gruber - Technology Teacher, BTC (8/14/08)

           Lucy Westenburg - TAG (8/14/08)

           Mary Smithey - Kindergarten Teacher (8/14/08)

           Dan Ferrante (John) - 5th Grade (8/14/08)


Air Academy High School (8/11/08)

           Randal Barbera - ETIL Coordinator (8/11/08)

           Linda Conway - Library Media Specialist (8/11/08)

           Nate Chisholm (Nathan) - 9th Grade Science Teacher (8/11/08)

           Victor M. Santiago, Jr. - Spanish/German Teacher (8/11/08)


Antelope Trails Elementary (7/31/08)

           Michelle Even - Media Specialist, BTC (8/13/08)

           Jenna Hermansen (Virginia) - 5th Grade Teacher (8/13/08)

           Nancy Huffman - 4th Grade Teacher (8/13/08)

           Patti Gahren - 3rd Grade Teacher (8/13/08)


Challenger Middle School (8/21/08)

          Phil McIntosh (Philip) - 6th Grade Math Teacher (8/20/08)

          Laura Laycock - 6th Grade Science Teacher (8/15/08)

          Kristin Cardoza - 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher (8/15/08)

          Sue Hagee (Glenna) - French Teacher (8/18/08)


Chinook Trail Elementary (8/15/08)

          Barbara Pecoraro - 4th Grade Teacher (8/14/08)

          Jill Lusey - 5th Grade Teacher (8/15/08)

          Jen Pan - Chinese Teacher (8/18/08)

          Joni Lemmon - 2nd Grade Teacher (8/19/08)

Discovery Canyon Campus (8/14/08)

          Nancy Spalding - HS Computer/Business (8/15/08)

          Bret Wright - 8th Grade Language Arts (8/15/08)

          April Gudenrath - 9th Grade Language Arts (8/15/08)

          Katie Redinger - MS TAG Teacher (8/15/08)

          Christine Schein - Library Media Specialist

Eagleview Middle School (8/12/08)

           Jen Mitchell (Jennifer)- English and Academic Arts 8th Grade (8/12/08)

           Cathi Webber (Catherine) - 7th Grade Social Studies (8/12/08)

           Amy Marie White - TAG (8/12/08)

           Delores Meadows - Technology Technician, BTC (8/12/08)


Edith Wolford Elementary (8/13/08)

          Amalia DeRamon - Technology Teacher, BTC (8/15/08)

          Kelly Morgan - Kindergarten Teacher (8/15/08)

          Karen Combs - 5th Grade Teacher (8/15/08)

          Debbie Mathis (Debra) - 5th Grade Teacher (8/14/08)


Foothills Elementary (8/15/08)

          Reagan Ward - Music Teacher (8/15/08)

          Katie Johnson - 1st Grade Teacher (8/15/08)

          Lindsey Cutter - Grades 1-5 Science Teacher (8/15/08)

          Deana Rocca - 5th Grade Teacher (8/15/08)


Frontier Elementary School (8/12/08)

          Bonnie Dalhberg - Art Teacher (8/20/08)

          Lua Jamison - 1st Grade Teacher (8/20/08)

          Katie White - 4th Grade Teacher (8/20/08)

          Jill Evans - 5th Grade Teacher (8/20/08)


Liberty High School (8/13/08)

          Richard Moothart- BTC (8/13/08)

          Jeff Olivero - Science Teacher (8/13/08)

          Joel Babbitt - TOSA (8/13/08)

          Susan Bandy - Art Photography, Digital Graphics (8/13/08)


Mountain Ridge Middle School (7/31/08)

          Kari Kiser - 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher (8/20/08)

          Kristin Lubich - 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher (8/20/08)

          Tammi Holt - 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher (8/25/08)

          Nick (Nicholas) Murray - 8th Grade humanities (SS) Teacher (8/25/08)


Pine Creek High School (8/14/08)

          Susan Adams - Teacher Librarian (8/18/08)

          Aixa Maldonado - Spanish Teacher (8/20/08)

          Jeff Culver - Science Teacher (8/18/08)

          Kathryn Bott - English Teacher (8/18/08)


Ranch Creek Elementary (7/31/08)

           Jessica Babbs - Teacher Librarian (8/15/08)

           Shaun Bright - 2nd Grade Teacher (8/19/08)

           Treg Corrigan - 5th Grade Teacher (8/15/08)

           Tiffany Hawk - TAG Teacher (8/15/08)


School in the Woods (8/13/08) 

          Suzie Hodges (Susan) - 4th Grade Teacher (8/13/08)














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