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Elements of Powerful Learning

Page history last edited by Nancy White 13 years, 7 months ago

Think-Pair- Share


Think back to one of your most powerful learning experiences, K-12, college, or adult.  What common elements are there?



(Day 1 Group)


·       hands-on

·  freedom to make mistakes in low-risk situations

·  inquiry - exploration

·  teaching others what you are learning

·  simulations - processing the experience

·  real-world connections

·  genuine problems that need solutions

·  time for reflection

·  Multisensory - more than one learning modality

·  opportunity to ask questions

·  follow own interests

·  collaboration - working with others to solve problems

 (Day 2 Group)



  • Real world connection


  • Hands-on relevance to what you've learned


  • Empathy - understanding the students' perspective


  • Metacognition - understanding how you learn, thinking about how others learn


  • Opportunities to question


  • Opportunities to follow personal interests


  • Collaboration with others to solve problems


  • Personal connection


  • Opportunity to teach others what you've learned


  • Requires thought and engagement - not too easy, but not so difficult as to be overly frustrating


  • Safe environment - okay to make mistakes




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