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Copyright Friendly Music Sources

Page history last edited by Nancy White 12 years, 4 months ago

The sites below contain copyright free or Creative Commons music that the authors are allowing the public to use.  Do read the terms of agreement for each site when using free music.


Royalty Free Music --Search by genre, "feel" or keyword.


Opsounds --search by genre (more info about using the music here)


Creative Commons CC mixter 


Tribe of Noise (must create an account to be able to listen and download --but worth it!)



Database Resources for Copyright Friendly pictures, video & sound


These images and multimedia are acceptable for use in student projects provided the projects do not get posted on the Internet.


Gale Student Research Center

  • Choose below the "Basic Search" box to  limit search to multimedia


Worldbook Online

  • From the main search page, click next to "media" to limit search to graphics, video and sound.


Primary Sources

  • Primary sources and Images available from museums and the library of congress from the D20 Librarian wiki.   

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